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The mission of Carolina Piping Services, Inc is to provide the finest quality products and services to our customers in a highly professional manner and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors. Through continuous improvement and personal development of our employees, Carolina Piping Services, Inc. will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and succeed as a profitable business. We will meet our customers' needs by utilizing the latest technology and standards in professional service. Meeting these goals will assure that our customers will continue to do business with us and recommend us to others.


Harold Green / Owner

HaroldGreenI went to work for National Welders in Charlotte, NC in October 1989 as a young 20 year old man. I was privileged to work under much older men than myself (most at that time where in there 70’s and even 80’s). That work environment surrounded by years of wisdom instilled in me a work ethic and character unlike any that could be taught in school. I served basically an apprenticeship for 2 years in just starting to learn the trade of the cryogenic and gas industry. 12 years in I saw opportunities that stretched outside the realm of National Welders yet went hand in hand with the industry. I was constantly being asked by our customers about piping work and other opportunities that would tie into our systems. Thus the light bulb went off in becoming an entrepreneur in this industry serving needs of what seemed to be a nitch. I remembered the words of the late Dick Lake (Then president of National Welders) when I approached him with the idea of “Going out on my own” - Son your crazy … This is a Feast or Famine business, but we’ll back you all we can. That was all I needed to pursue my dream of becoming a business owner. As the owner of Carolina Piping Services, Inc. it has been my passion since May 26, 2006 to become the best at what everyone else seemed to be lacking in. I wanted to be different from the rest. I didn’t ever want money or greed to drive our business. I always wanted desperately to be different than Corporate America. With instilled Christian values in mind I made a very conscious decision that I would always do my best to put the needs of our employees and our customers first. I would always do my very best to treat them both as I would want to be treated. Things always have a way of coming full circle both good and bad. I have seen both. Personally I have been married now for 26 years to Michele Green and we have 4 beautiful daughters. Our oldest daughter Alexis runs the Oxygen Cleaning Department here at Carolina Piping. Our two middle girls both attend college and will be graduating in 2015 – Abby attends UNC Charlotte and will be getting her Bachelors in Education in 2015. Caitlyn attends Gardner Webb University and she will be getting her Bachelors in Nursing in 2015 and our youngest Miranda will be attending Gaston then transferring to UNC Charlotte to get her Bachelors in Special Education. The accomplishments my daughters have made makes for a very proud father as I never graduated from High School with my classmates. I did however receive my High School diploma in the summer of 1986. In closing this quick BIO of myself it is my goal to not impress, but to thank all those that have made my dream become a reality. To thank God for the magnificent Grace that he has shown to me and my family. To God be the Glory for all He has done.

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We are a Christian organization founded on the principles of the Holy Bible. For more information about our company, ministries, or beliefs please contact us. 

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