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mixgasskidChart’s improved Mixed Gas Skid is a pre-fabricated blending system that provides a reliable source of high-precision mixed gas in a safe and secure package. The system includes options that make it flexible and capable of handling a wide range of gas blends required in welding and other applications. The Mixed Gas System’s pre-engineered simplicity provides higher interconnecting piping integrity, faster start up time, and reduced installation costs. This system also features all the advantages of Chart’s MicroBulk Solutions.™


Product Highlights

  • Provides a turnkey solution: two vessels, pressure control manifolds, a mixer, and an emergency HP cylinder mixed gas reserve (HP bottles not included)
  • Pre-fabricated reduces installation time and costs
  • Provides versatility and on-site filling using Chart’s Orca™ MicroBulk Delivery System
  • Two standard size skid packages to select from Transported by pallet jack, forklift or overhead crane
  • Thermco® world class mixer provides high quality and proven reliability
  • Gas mixer supports two gas sources and a mixed gas output of 0-50% CO2 in argon
  • Provides a regulated source of pure argon gas
  • Excellent solution for emergency back-up or temporary requitrements
  • Gas connection ½" FPT

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